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Content Horror Stories to Avoid Writing Yourself Into

Posted by Ashley Smith

13-Jan-2017 11:30:27

Welcome back! In recognition of Friday the 13th, we’ve turned our gaze to some gut churning, gasp inducing, blood curdling cases of content mishandling by some big brands that should have known better than to write themselves into the horror stories that you’ll find below.

For each, we’ve included some advice to guide you to avoid the same traps, and hopefully make it out alive - or at least with your brand integrity intact.

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Topics: content marketing, social media marketing, branding, content creation

Using the Force - Piggybacking off the Power of Star Wars

Posted by Ashley Smith

20-Dec-2016 13:15:47

You don’t need to be a devout of the rebel alliance, pondering whether Han or Greedo pulled the trigger first in the Cantina to appreciate an ad that makes good use of the galactic dreamscape that is Star Wars.

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