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Content Resolutions to Keep On Top of in 2017

Posted by Ashley Smith

06-Jan-2017 09:48:59

 It’s no surprise that the content game is constantly changing, we said it ourselves last year. To keep up, some of the top content influencers have also been weighing in recently about their predictions for content marketing in ‘17, lacing up their bootstraps to get ready for these changes and challenges in the new year. To help you keep on top of 2017 before it decides to run off and go rogue *cough* 2016 *cough*, we’ve put together a list of our resolutions for 2017 based on some of the most popular predictions regarding content, and we’re happy for you to copy these resolutions (we hope you do). So let’s jump into it, our top content resolutions to keep on top of in 2017:

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Will Content Marketing Change in 2016?

Posted by Jessica Hannah

13-Jan-2016 17:35:24

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your festive break. We'll start slowly with a prediction sheet before diving into the brain busters next week. Sit back and settle in as I set out three of the biggest industry shifts changing the way we think about content in 2016. So, to answer your question...

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