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3 Tips to Make Inbound Marketing Work For You

Posted by Jessica Hannah

15-Jun-2015 11:21:00

We know you’re probably reaching your acronymic limit already. SEO sounds like SEM, CO and SMO are vaguely familiar and content marketing seems to be on everybody’s lips…although, nobody can pin-popint why they need it, just that they do.

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What is inbound marketing? (and why it's so successful)

Posted by David St George

22-Nov-2013 12:50:00

If you’ve been in marketing for a while you’ll have seen a few ‘next big things’ and are probably a cynical about the latest ‘this will change everything’ marketing claim.

However, it’s clear from the way the proportion of marketing budgets is moving (and has already moved) to inbound marketing and away from traditional outbound advertising and promotion that a fundamental change is afoot (and gathering pace)...

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Why social media is the new Google juice

Posted by David St George

08-Nov-2013 10:04:00

Why useful content now rules search

Google cares about one thing – making sure they are the global search engine of choice for the majority of internet connected people. Because staying number one in search by a massive margin means they make big money. Actually make that gargantuan money, behemoth money, more money than you can poke a stick at – it’s REALLY big.

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