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Content Horror Stories to Avoid Writing Yourself Into

Posted by Ashley Smith

13-Jan-2017 11:30:27

Welcome back! In recognition of Friday the 13th, we’ve turned our gaze to some gut churning, gasp inducing, blood curdling cases of content mishandling by some big brands that should have known better than to write themselves into the horror stories that you’ll find below.

For each, we’ve included some advice to guide you to avoid the same traps, and hopefully make it out alive - or at least with your brand integrity intact.

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How to Dress Well: Online Graphic Design for Non-Designers

Posted by Ashley Smith

06-Dec-2016 16:16:48

Promoting your brand can sometimes feel like walking into a party where you know no-one. If you want to make a good impression as soon as you get through the door – you’re going to need to dress well and get their attention. Visual appeal is a big plus, and the best way to improve your appearance quickly is to have someone else do it for you, by having them pick out the best looks.

Luckily for those new to design, there are a number of online tools that are making it easy to create visual appeal for your brand through simple graphic design software curated with free to use images, fonts and templates. To help you out, we’ve set up a battle royale; we’ll be going three rounds looking at two successful tools that will help your brand dress well: Canva and Stencil.

Round 1: Usability


For all three design tools, getting started is as simple as setting up a free account – throw in your name and email and you’ll be ready to go. Starting up our first tool, Canva, users will be greeted by a slick 23 second video tutorial on how to get started by searching the image library, inserting text and downloading your finished creation. After the video is finished, you’ll find a crisp and clean interface that is easy to navigate; the only way to get lost is in the myriad of fonts, templates and visual elements.

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Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Posted by Jessica Hannah

14-Oct-2015 13:57:00

Life is experienced emails, status updates, tweets, memes and text messages; tired of protesting, social media naysayers are taking their balls and going home. They will be back, the war is not over, but Instagram’s latest newsworthy number-crunching all but screams that “social” is here to stay.

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